A salad with half of a popover


Simple yet elegant, our food is prepared to the highest of standards.

Our culinary teams are led by Corporate Chef: Mark Segal, Executive Chef/Manager: Philip Basiliere, Exectuive Chef: Ethan Clark, Director of Baking: Jennifer Beach, and Exective Pastry Chef: Katie Green. Together, they carefully choose the highest quality fruits, vegetables, and meats—from both local farmers and selected producers—that honor and reflect our strong commitment to our valued customers. Our chefs’ innovative and creative spirits are translated beautifully into the food they create, and their dishes clearly represent the art of freshly prepared food by utilizing a variety of flavors, ingredients, and portions.


Noted as Best In New Hampshire, our award-winning pastry chefs create desserts and pastries that are always delicious, always freshly baked, and always prepared with the finest of seasonal ingredients. Each one of our baked goods—our cakes, our pastries, our candies, our cookies, and our pies—reflects a lovely expression of the baking arts. Feel free to help design something custom, or browse our tempting glass cases for immediate and lasting satisfaction.


We believe your coffee, your espresso, and your cappuccino must be perfect. From its balanced aroma to its rich appearance to its very distinct taste, our Rao's Coffee Roasting Company brand is sure to please. Rao's is celebrated for roasting small, hand-crafted batches of the highest quality green–fresh–coffee beans from around the world. Whether you brew your own at home or allow our baristas to create your coffee for you, we proudly guarantee your satisfaction.